Floorball Rules

Compared to ice-hockey, floorball is a non-contact sport which drives most of the differences in the rules.

General Rules of the Game

  • Aim of the game is to score more goals than the opposing tem
  • A game is played over three thirds, 20 minutes of effective time each (see variations)
  • There are maximum 5 field players and a goalie from one team on the rink at a time (see variations)

Floorball Variants

Floorball is very flexible sport and the rules regarding game setup or length can be easily modified to suite the purpose of the game and level of the players.

The rules guaranteeing safety of the players should neve be altered.

The most common variants of floorball are the following:

  • Playing on a smaller than regulation pitch
  • Playing shorter time or only playing two halves.
    • For example, US national tournaments are typically played with 2 halves of 15mins each.
  • Playing without correctly sized rink
    • The field should always be delimited, but when official rings are not available it could be done using a wall and the players call out when a rebound is too high which would normally result in an out.
  • Reduced number of players to 4 field players and a goalkeeper.
    • This would be typically when the space is limited, like playing on a basketball court.
  • Playing without goalkeepers using smaller nets
    • Then it would be most often played with less players as well (4 or 3 per team).
    • Additional rules, like inability to score a goal from defensive half of the pitch can be used.
  • The minimum reasonable floorball game can be played 3v3 using small goals and no goalkeepers on a smaller field.

Complete Official Rules of Floorball

Download the current official IFF floorball rulebook here.